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  • Speakers and attendees at the Symposium in King’s Inns in Dublin on 8 September 2012

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    “Very interesting and timely review of information.” “I was delighted to learn so much new information”

     Dr. Therese Boyle


    “Very rewarding experience. Worth my attending.” “Highly exciting and of valuable educational experience.” “Just wishing you could fit in more meetings like this in the future.”

     Dr. Chita Alo, Cork


    “Superb conference, excellent website.” “Need for prenatal hospices in all on units of Ireland”

     Dr. Derbhile Donnelly, Dublin


    “Enjoyed Dr. Chireau and Dr. Calhoun and Dr. Amant.” “Cancer treatment very informative and current”



    “Many new ideas ‘fertility paradox’ ect.” “The actual hard statistical back up information is very useful.”


    “Have another symposium next year.”



    “It is good to know the progress happening in the developing world”

    Dr. Nagaveni Yuddandi


    “Fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people.” “Interesting to hear about chemo for cancer treatment in pregnancy.”



    “Congratulations and many thanks”



    “Thought I knew so much but realized that’s not so. Learned so much from the talks.” “Wonderful conference, very informative and really well organized.”

    Nurse Lucy McDonald


    “Broad and educational with interesting speakers”



    “Excellent variety of talks”



    “Wonderful development especially in high risk pregnancies”

    Dr Miriam Duggan


    “Very interesting – added to my experience and education.”

    Elizabeth M. O’Brien, Fertility Care Practitioner


    “A very daring and courageous presentation.” “Everything from general practice to super specialization.” “It was wonderful to hear new prenatal treatments.”

    Dr Peter Quinn, Cork


    ‘Please convey my congratulations to all who organised and spoke at this magnificent meeting. It was so encouraging to see the number attending, and to find from chatting to other attendees that those who had qualifications outside the medical/nursing spectrum had been attracted to it, and were interested in listening to source evidence.  It was one of the most friendly symposia I have been to, and a fascinating venue. A huge amount of work clearly went into the organisation, and I hope Professor O’Dwyer and the speakers felt well rewarded by the rapt attention and the appreciative applause.’

    Dr. Mairead Mac Conaill



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