International Symposium on Maternal Health

The International Symposium on Maternal Health took place in Dublin, Ireland on September 8th 2012.

The event gave a unique insight into some of the issues surrounding maternal healthcare, particularly in relation to the management of high-risk pregnancies, cancer in pregnancy, premature birth and mental health. The symposium also looked at maternal mortality on a global scale and the factors that influence the rates of maternal deaths around the world.

The symposium featured a host of internationally-renowned speakers who are expert in the fields of obstetrics, oncology, neonatology and mental health.

These international guests gave an exclusive look at the current management options for women who develop problematic pregnancies and shared their own clinical experience and published research into this area.

The aim of the event was to better educate ourselves on the various conditions that can arise in pregnancy and also to be more aware of how we can best care for both mother and baby in these instances.